Who are my clients?

Individuals, couples and small groups - employed, self-employed, not in work, from teens to eighties. I am often recommended to others by former clients who trust my professional, friendly approach.

The Arts of Life - Professional and Academic

I am a qualified and experienced practitioner in several fields, which I use depending on client need, circumstances and preferences. This page briefly outlines the qualifications and tools I draw from in my work with individuals, couples and groups - whether I am coaching, teaching, training or facilitating.

I have been a fully insured independent practitioner since 1998, and follow professional codes of ethics and practice. I integrate concepts and practices from a wide range of fields - coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and business - especially humanistic and positive psychology, sociology and anthropology which were the theoretical perspectives of my Masters and Doctoral research

Professional and Academic qualifications

Academic Degrees : Education and Psychology, BAHons; Critical Management, MPhil; Management, PhD

Professional : Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD); Block Clearance Therapy (BCT); Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator; Emotional Intelligence; NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming); Foundation Counselling

Teaching qualifications : Certified Zentangle® Teacher, Meditation(British School of Meditation), Stress Management, Relaxation and Meditation; Teaching in the Life-Long Learning Sector

Academic Research

Masters : The impact of organisational conflict on individuals and teams, and the extent that professional individuals repress their thoughts and feelings about events in order to remain professional.

Doctorate : Sources and impact of professional power, and the things professionals are expected to reduce (eg. turmoil, chaos, uncertainty) and create (eg. order, certainty, knowing and action). Reality lies between the extremes.

Professional, ongoing : How to help people get "unstuck" and unblocked, so they can achieve their potential and create empowered, enriched and meaningful lives. Special interest in the impact of our relationship with our inner wisdom, our subconscious self - discovering ways of making deep-rooted and lasting change.